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This is the 84 Engineering Tool Arm to be used with the Quick Change Small Wheel Pairs. The deflection Wheel is used to deflect the abrasive belt increasing belt wrap and reducing the belt angle for improved access to deeper radius profiles.

It is solid, well engineered and well manufactured.


The Small Wheel Arms can be used on the Shop Mate 48 and Shop Master 72 (SM-72) and is a requirement to use a Small Wheel Pair on the Shop Master 2000 (SM-2000) 50x2000mm Belt Grinder.


Key Features include:

  • Mounted belt deflection wheel to increase belt wrap
  • 50mm diameter nitrile rubber coated aluminium hub



  • Fullering
  • Choils
  • Finger Guards
  • Finger Grooves
  • Profiling small radius curves



  • The SM2000 version also suits the SM72 (the SM72 version is discontinued)


Small wheel Arm with Belt Deflection Wheel

SKU: SM48-SWA-0-1-EU
PriceFrom £107.00
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  • 84 Engineering