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The 50mm x 1830mm (2" x 72") belt is a common size for Knife Grinding machines.


This abrasive belt is on a J-Flex backing making it extra flexible to conform to contours.

The addition of the scalloped edge feature enables the belt to follow contours even more freely.


Aluminium oxide is the most common abrasive mineral and is widely used throughout the finishing industry. It is probably known as the least expensive abrasive and can be used on various applications, especially in the finer grit ranges.


The price shown is per belt.

Aluminium Oxide abrasive belt - J-Flex - Scalloped Edge - 50 x 1830mm (2” x 72")

Excluding VAT
    • 50mm x 1830mm (2" x 72")
    • Common size for Knife Grinding machines
  • Hermes

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