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  About us  

Multitool Products evolved from a need to find quality affordable equipment in the belt grinding arena, somewhere between heavy industrial and gear that is just not up to the job.

At its core is a long standing equipment engineering and process improvement drive, and a good old a desire to help and make a positive difference.


The equipment you will find is only of a high quality, inherently versatile, adaptable for your evolving needs, with the right level of performance for its task.

The thousands of users in the worldwide community, whether it be in home garages, mobile services or manufacturers in the aerospace industry, are backed up by warranty and support from real people, in real companies.

Due to the versatility of the quality equipment supplied and supported, it has found its place in vast range of settings - home garages, mobile services to manufacturers in the aerospace industry. - with a myriad of applications in industries such as metal fabrication, mobile knife sharpening, custom knife-making, woodwork, metal and woodworking tool restoration and sharpening, automotive restoration and race car fabrication, golf clubs - repair and maintenance, shoemaking - leather shaping and burnishing, Jewellers - shaping, polishing

So if you a seasoned professional looking for opportunities to further evolve, or a beginner looking for equipment and support you can trust, then there is something here for you.


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