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This is the 84 Engineering range of Radius Sanding Blocks to suit their Radius Platens.

These are used to hand sand to perfection after grinding the delicate concave as found on traditional Japanese Clam style cross-section blades with “Urasuki” (Fuller) or the more modern "S" Grind.


There are Radius Sanding Blocks available to suit all 3 sizes of Radius Platens.



  • Hand sanding shallow concave grinds such as;
  • "S-Grinds"
  • Japanese Clam Shell styles
  • Hollow ground “Urasuki” features


Key Features include;

  • Precision machines to match the Radius Platens



Radius sanding blocks are available in the following diameters;

  • 36" = 914mm
  • 48" = 1220mm
  • 72" = 1830mm


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    Radius Sanding Block - 36", 48" and 72" Diameter

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