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This is the 84 Engineering range of Radius Platens (with integral water jacked) for reproducing the delicate hollow grind achieved on very large wet grinding stones. If you want to grind a blade to improve food release then you can use these to achieve grinding styles such as a traditional Japanese Clam style cross-section with the hollow ground “Urasuki” (Fuller), a more modern "S" Grind or your own custom take on a hollow ground blade.

Select the Radius Platen based on the diameter of the large grinding wheel that would be used. Eg, a 48” Radius Platen will grind a concave (Urasuki) like a 48” diameter grinding wheel.

To finish off, hand sanding is improved with the optional Radius Sanding Blocks machined to suit your specific diameter. (see photo 4)


These Radius Platens are a direct fit to the Shop Mate SM48 (2x48") (photo 1) and fit up to the Shop Master SM72 (2x72"), SM2000 (50x2000mm) and Gibson 72 Belt Grinders using the Radius Platen Mounting Frame (photo 3) designed to suit the Quick Release Tool Arms.


With the water jacket integral to the design you can easily hook up a simple low flow cooling system to take away the heat generated. (see photo 5)



  • Shallow concave grinding applications such as;
  • "S-Grinds"
  • Japanese Clam Shell styles
  • Hollow ground “Urasuki” features


Key Features include;

  • Integral water cooling jacket with taped holes to suit 1/2" BSP fittings
  • Taped holes for fitting to SM48 Platen Frame or optional Radius Platen Mounting Frame



Radius platens are available replicating the following diameters;

  • 36" = 914mm
  • 48" = 1220mm
  • 72" = 1830mm




    Radius Platen with Water Jacket - 36", 48" & 72" Diameter

    Excluding VAT