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The 50mm x 1830mm (2" x 72") size is a common size for Knife Grinding machines.

Abrasive belt kits to enable the production of a quality finished knife, these can also be used for Woodworking tools.

These belt kits come in three sizes; Basic, Small and Medium, see below for details on the Medium Pack.


The Medium Pack 

A broader range of belts to enable production of a higher quality finished knife, contains the following belts;

  Grinding primary bevels prior to heat treatment:

    - 5 x P36 grit Ceramic belts 

    - 2 x P120 grit Ceramic belts

    - 1 x P200 grit 3M Trizact A100 Gator Belt 

  Finish primary bevels: 

    - 1 x P400 grit 3M Trizact A45 Gator Belt 

  To satin finish:

    - 1 x Fine Surface Conditioning belt

    - 1 x P400 grit 3M Trizact A45 Belt

    - 1 x P800 grit 3M Trizact A30 Belt

    - 1 x P1400 grit 3M Trizact A16 Belt

  Felt to polish:

    - 2 x Cleaning and polishing Belt

Knife grinding pack (Medium) - 50 x 1830mm (2” x 72")

SKU: OTB-722-Belt-KGM-Kit
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