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Rhynowet RED Line Sheets carry worldwide respect for possibly being the best abrasive for hand sanding blades on the market.


This is a "Taster Pack" made up to let you get a feel for this fantastic product in one simple pack.

It contains the following grades and number of sheets;

  • P120 grit - 3
  • P240 grit - 3
  • P320 grit- 3
  • P400 grit- 2
  • P600 grit- 2
  • P800 grit- 2
  • P1000 grit- 2
  • P1500 grit- 1
  • P2000 grit- 1
  • P2500 grit- 1


You can also add P80 and P500 sheets.


When you find the grades that work best for you, you can pick them up in 50 Sheet Packs.

Indasa Rhynowet REDLine - 20 Sheets Taster Pack - 230mm x 280mm (9" x 11")

SKU: SHTTPK-911-AOx-Pmix-Ind
Excluding VAT
  • Indasa

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