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Abrasive Belts 50 x 915mm (2 x 36") compatible with Multitool MTA-362.


3M 337DC Trizact "Gator" is a 3M Specialty "Structured" abrasive that is ideal for fine finishing. Known as the Brick pattern or Gator type.


  • 3M 337DC Trizact  is a 3M Specialty "Structured" abrasive that is ideal for fine finishing
  • Macroreplicated abrasive "bricks" contain multiple layers of abrasive mineral, "channels" keep remove swarf and keep work surfaces cleaner

  • Controlled mineral breakdown delivers more consistent, predictable finishes over the life of the belt

  • Durable cloth belt is frequently able to grind and finish in one operation

  • Grinding aid reduces friction and keeps workpiece cool for dry grinding applications

  • Designed to save production time with fresh cutting surfaces continually exposed, resulting in extended belt life, reducing frequency of belt changes


The price shown is per belt.

3M Trizact "Gator" - 50 x 915mm (2x36") - Multitool MTA-362

Excluding VAT
  • The 3M Trizact grits are for reference and are grit equvalents.


    • A100 Abrasive Belt - P200 grit equivalent 
    • A65 Abrasive Belt - P280 grit equivalent
    • A45 Abrasive Belt - P400 grit equivalent

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