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The 50mm x 2000mm (2" x 79") belt is a common size for Knife Belt Grinding machines. 


3M™ Cubitron™ II Cloth Belt 784F is engineered with medium pressure industrial applications in mind. Made with 3M Precision Shaped Grain (PSG), the abrasive cuts exceptionally fast and self-renews during grinding. This high-performing belt contains a ceramic and aluminum oxide blend that delivers cost-effective performance on medium pressure applications, where a full ceramic belt may be underutilized.


The Science of 3M Precision Shaped Grain Blend

3M Precision Shaped Grain signifies a major advancement in abrasive technology. PSG is a ceramic mineral designed using a proprietary process to enhance toughness and hardness of the grain. 3M scientists then went one step further and engineered the mineral to form uniform triangular shaped grains that continually fracture into super-sharp points and edges that slice through the substrate, rather than gouging or "plowing" like conventional abrasives. PSG creates a super-fast cut and lessens heat build-up on the workpiece, reducing heat-related stress cracks and discoloration. Moreover, because PSG stays cooler and sharper, it lasts longer than conventional abrasives.


The price shown is per belt.

3M Cubitron II abrasive belt - 50mm x 2000mm (2" x 79")

Excluding VAT
    • 50mm x 2000mm (2" x 79")
    • Common size for Knife Grinding machines
  • Norton

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