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The Tool Maintenance Pack includes 50mm and 25mm wide abrasive and polishing belts + Polishing compound for maintaining your Knives, Rasps and Blacksmithing tools.

The Surface Conditioning (Scotchbrite type) belt blends and sharpens and provides a nice satin finish, whilst the Polishing belt with added compound cleans and sharpens knives and Rasps.

The narrow belts are good for getting inside Hook knives. If your hook knives are particularly worn and are in need of extra grinding there is an extra flexible narrow abrasive belt to bring them back to an edge.


  The kit contains the following belts and compound;

    - 1 x Fine Surface Conditioning belt (50mm)

    - 1 x Cleaning and polishing belt (50mm)

    - 1 x P180 grit Narrow Flexible Aluminium Oxide belt (25mm) 

    - 1 x Narrow Surface Conditioning Belt (25mm)

    - 1 x Narrow Cleaning and polishing belt - (25mm)

    - 1 x Cut and Polish Compound




Farrier Tool Maintenance Pack - 50 x 915mm (2x36") - Multitool MTA-362

SKU: MTB-362-Belt-FTM-Kit
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