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Say goodbye to uneven grind lines.


The Bill Behnke File Guide is world renowned and highly respected by experienced Knifemakers for its overall performance.

Beside its basic function, the key to its success is its light weight and compact size, so when grinding it has minimal impact on the feel and machine access.


File Guides (or grinding guides) are attached to your knife blank to help you maintain consistent and symmetrical plunge lines at the start of your bevel, square shoulders for bolsters on hidden tangs, or even just something else to hold onto when free hand grinding.


They can also be used to keep a consistent reference when using a Chequering File or lining up handle scales.

  • The bars are 4140 HT Alloy Steel with C2 Carbide bonded to one side of each bar
  • These guides are assembled and then the Carbide is match Surface Ground. This ensures the two surfaces are perfectly in the same plane
  • The pins are hardened
  • Locked with 1/4" socket cap screws (Allen key is supplied)
  • The guides are 3 3/4" in length, 3/8" wide by 1/2" thick (95 x 9.5 x 12.7mm)
  • The carbide is 3/32" X 5/16" X 3"
  • The distance between the screws is 2 3/16" (55.5mm)


Photos used with permission of Bill Behnke - Thanks Bill!



File Guide - Large Size Alloy Steel w/ Carbide - Bill Behnke

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