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This is the 84 Engineering solution providing a step up from a fixed Workrest by adding angle adjustment with fine control.

This rest is infinitely adjustable between 80ᵒ and 170ᵒ, locking securely at any angle with a twist of the indexing handle. A fine adjustment knob makes for precise and repeatable angle settings – great for jig grinding bevels with a simple right-angle guide. The rest is adjustable without the use of the fine adjustment thread by simply winding the adjustment knob all the way out.


The Workrest area has been increased to 300x150mm and a CNC machined bevel on the underside of the work surface allows for minimal gap between the rest and belt, even when set to the full 170ᵒ. As with all 84 Engineering attachments, the Angle Adjustable Rest can be easily swapped out with either the welded work rest or other attachments via the quick-change tooling arm slots.


Key Features include;

  • 300 x 150 x 6mm workrest
  • Fine control via threaded adjuster; -10 degrees and +11 degrees from horizontal (leaning toward and away from the Platen)
  • Free range angle adjustment; -10 to +80 degrees from horizontal (leaning toward and away from the Platen)
  • Solid locking
  • Large quick release hand lever
  • No tools required



  • Grind Bevels with a fixed Jig
  • Bevel and Chamfer handle scales



  • The SM2000 also suits the SM72 (the SM72 version is discontinued)

Angle Adjustable Rest

PriceFrom £124.00
Excluding VAT
  • 84 Engineering