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With a 50mm x 1220mm belt and 178mm Disc the Multitool Grinders MT482 2x48 attachment is our 2nd most popular model behind the MT362 2x36".

The unique Multitool Attachment extends your capabilities far beyond traditional bench grinders by opening it up to a huge array of abrasive belts. These belts will enable you to cut quicker and cooler, satin finish, polish, debur and sharpen on the same device with a simple 5 second belt change.

The front contact wheel (89mm) can be used for fast stock removal or smooth controlled grinding, contouring, or internal finishing. The top platen can be used for flat finishing. The underside offers a slack belt surface for external contouring and blending. The 178mm (7 inch) disc sander on the side offers plenty of surface area to work with for beveling, deburring, squaring, and general sanding.


Pick from a diverse range of readily available 50mm x 1220mm (2"x48") belts, and 178mm (7") discs.

Suits most 150mm & 200mm bench grinders with a 16mm, 5/8" or 1/2" shaft and screw mounted guards. 

Ideal for jobs such as tool sharpening, edge sanding, smoothing welds, deburring, polishing etc. Use on many materials such as wood, plastics, glass, Kydex, leather, metals, stone and ceramics with a quick change of belt.


For frustration free performance, a minimum of 3/4 HP (550w) is recommended for light work.


Used by Farriers, Blacksmiths, Knife makers, Fabricators, Woodworkers, Model builders, etc.


Note - The European model know as the Multitool MTA-482 (EU) Belt Grinder Attachment - 2" x 48" (50mm x 915mm) varies from other models for CE compliance.

Multitool 2" x 48" Belt 7" Disc - Grinder Attachment - (50mm x 1220mm)

SKU: MTA-482-0-1-EU
Excluding VAT
  • Imperial: 48" x 2"

    Metric: 1220mm x 50mm