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This is a standard 84 Engineering Tool Arm used to mount any of their quick release pin system accessories including Contact Wheels and Rotating Platen, etc


Available for the Shop Mate 48 (SM-48) 2x48", Shop Master 72 (SM-72) 2x72" and Shop Master 2000 (SM-2000) 50x2000mm  Belt Grinder.


Key Features include:

  • Solid Aluminium bar 30mm x 30mm x ?mm (to pin centre) for the SM-48
  • Solid Aluminium bar 40mm x 40mm x 285mm (to pin centre) for the SM-72
  • Solid Aluminium bar 40mm x 40mm x 385mm (to pin centre) for the SM2000


Note: The SM2000 is suitable for use on the SM72 machines.

Tool Arm with Quick Release Pin System

PriceFrom £50.00
Excluding VAT
  • 84 Engineering

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