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This is the new and improved design 84 Engineering (Height Adjustable) Tilting Floor Stand used to tilt the Shop Mate 48 and Shop Master 72 and Shopmaster 2000 at any angle between Vertical and Horizontal.

It is designed to enable you to set the height of your Belt Grinder during installation so it is positioned at the most suitable height for your use.

It is very solid and well engineered having been through years of development and improvement.

It comes professionally powder-coated and requires only basic assembly.

(note - the black box mounted to the side is not included. There are holes in this area if you wish to utilise them for mounting your Variable Speed Drive or debris collector assembly.)


Key Features include;

  • Provides +150mm and -150mm height setting during installation to enable you to achieve the most ergonomic working position
  • Enables tilt at all angles between Horizontal and vertical at any time
  • No tools required to reposition to any angle
  • Simple to bolt up to your SM2000, SM-72 or SM-48
  • High quality components, materials and manufacture resulting in close tolerances and smooth operation.


Height Adjustable Tilting Floor Stand - suits SM2000, SM-72 and SM-48

Excluding VAT
  • 84 Engineering



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