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Indasa Rhynowet REDLine Sheets are world renowned for being the best abrasive for hand sanding blades on the market.....and you can also use the on your 84 Engineering Disc Sander.

The Indasa Red Line series is Indasa's premium abrasive line designed with the highest quality abrasive grains and a lubricant coating to resist clogging. The result is an abrasive system with extremely high cutting power, stock removal, very long working life and a superior finish.

Waterproof latex anti-slip backing - use wet and still grip
High flexibility - Adaptable to curves & contoured Surfaces
Long working life - performance for longer
Cutting efficiency and quality finish - lower cost and better finish

- latex paper backing in weights C (<P130) and A (>P130)
- Aluminum Oxide (60 to P1200 grit)
- Silicon Carbide (1500 to P2500 grit)
- Modified synthetic resin bonding
- 9" x 11" (230x280mm) sheets
- 50 sheets per pack

- also available in Single Sheets

- P80, P120, P240, P320, P400, P500, P600, P800, P1000, P1500, P2000, P2500

Indasa Rhynowet REDLine - Pack of 50 Hand Sanding Sheets - 230mm x 280mm

Excluding VAT
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