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The Norton Red-X R976 Ceramic 10" Baldor Expander Wheel Belt is the 2nd most preferred belt used by Farriers for grinding steel horseshoes. The patented friable ceramic grain used in Norton Red-X R976 Ceramic abrasive provides a consistent sharp cutting action.


  • Good consistent cut rate even at low and medium pressure

  • Excellent belt performance on medium to hard contact wheels

  • Low heat generation reduces risk of burn

  • Excellent on various material types; from Stainless Steel to Inconel to Titanium

  • Reduce your cost per shoe


The price shown is per belt.

Farrier Baldor Expander Wheel 10" Ceramic Belt

Excluding VAT
    • 254mm (10")
    • Compatible with 10" Baldor Expander Wheel
  • Norton

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